The importance of hooks

When building a B2C product you have to aim at creating a habit-forming technology. The goal is to create a habit around your product in the form of adding hooks as Nir Eyal explains it in this article. I suggest you to read the article as it gives great insights about user behavior.

The purpose of these hooks are to increase engagement with your product and eventually build usage routines around your app.

So, we built an alarm system which is included in our FirefoxOS app and we want to share with you some graphs from Google Analytics showing how these alarms are represented in the usage of our app.

Statistics Google Analytics

Last month Statistics Hubii

Each peak on the two graphs above represent the time when the alarm goes off and, consequently, how users open the app and visit Hubii to read the news.

The two graphs show a week and a month worth of data and it is easy to see the usage pattern does not change.

The next graph shows over two months of data and, as you can see, same result.
Two months statistics

You can build hooks in many different ways and for us it did make sense to start with something simple such an alarm to remind the user to go and check the news!