The evolution of the Hubii logo

Hi I’m Israel. Designer, animator and creative guy at Hubii. In this post we will see the evolution of the Hubii logo from the beginning, when the dinosaurs ruled the earth ;) .

It was the year 2008. Barack Obama was elected the first black president of the United States, we all were afraid of a machine called Hadron Collider and Hubii's name wasn't Hubii, its name was: Map Our News. This is the first design of the logo, sorry if it causes pain in your eyes:

First logo of Map Our News

What we were trying to say with that unfortunate logo was that on Map Our News you could read news from all the publishers around the world, so we mixed a man reading a newspaper with the image of the earth, what could go wrong? The result was a green man with some big problems on his head trying to read the news. Of course, immediately we decided to redesign it:

Second logo of Map Our News

It was getting better, but still wasn't a good design. The problem was that the idea of a man reading a newspaper mixed with the earth was too much complex to convey through a logo. That's why we decided to focus on the concepts of location and news, so we removed the man and added a pin and this is what we got:

Third logo of Map Our News

This was our logo when we launched the beta version of our website in 2010. On that moment we started to realize that our brand name was too long and difficult to remember, so after a lot of never-ending brainstormings we finally got a new, catchy and easy-to-remember brand name: Hubii. And this is the first logo we created with that new name:

First logo of Hubii

It was a nice colorful logo but after some time using it we realize about two big problems: it wasn’t horizontal enough to fit correctly on the header of a website and It seems more to be a logo about something social than about news.

That’s why in 2013 we decided again to make a new logo. The idea was to create a logo that conveys what Hubii is at glance. As you can see in the following magistral formula, there are two basic concepts that represents Hubii: News and Location.

Origin of the logo of Hubii

Finally I designed a rounded font and here is the final logo, behold!

Current logo of Hubii

What we have learned about designing our logo?

  • When designing a logo less is more: less concepts to convey means less elements to represent and that means also a more simple and easy to remember shape.

  • Before start designing the logo, buying a domain, etc... think twice your brand name: It should be short, easy to remember and catchy.

  • On web design horizontal logos work better than vertical logos: vertical space on websites is golden.