Pros and cons of working at home

Some of the benefits of being in a startup is the possibility of working at home. Sometimes this can be heaven but, at the same time, it can also be hell! At Hubii we have experienced the two different styles and here we leave you some pros and cons that we have identified:

Pro: You are more productive: This one depends on how well equipped is your home office. It's essential to have a good chair, good desk, good lighting and, the most important, tons of SILENCE. Some of our coworkers prefer the comfort of their homes and, maybe it's a coincidence, but those are the ones without children. full

Con: Your family and friends don’t think you are working at all: Yes, your mom always thinks it is the perfect moment to ask you to take the dog for a walk, go out buying food or just to talk about anything. Your family and friends think that you are "playing to be an employee" and they believe that you are resting and drinking beer all day.


Pro:It saves you money: As you don’t have to buy a full suit any more, just only a blazer for webcam sessions, this is the best way to save you money. You can save tons of money in food as you don't eat out and what is even better is that you can have home made meals every day!

Con: ` It's time to throw away that pijama and then burn it! Please, your family can't stand anymore your smell, and let's accept this, if you are in a relationship this is not a way for doing "dirty sexy".


Pro:Lack of gossip: In the comfort of your own home you don't have to stand daily gossips, like who is the black sheep at the office, who arrived drunk to the office or who is flirting with the boss. We are too professionals for those mundane topics...

Con:Lack of gossip: Ummmm ok... let's admit it, we all LOOOVE gossips, and we REALLY want to know the answer to all those questions! So, this is a BIG CON for working at home.


Pro:Daily commute reduced from 50 min to 5 s: You can forget about those body odors that are so familiar when you are packed on the train or subway. You can replace it by the smell of fresh brewed coffee!

Con:You can be without seeing the streets for weeks: The sun is up, birds are singing, the day is absolutely BEAUTIFUL but... You don't know it! You have been inside your house for weeks and you even don't remember the feeling of the wind in your face.


Pro:You can watch TV while you're working: You won't miss again any football game or, being more realistic despite we are not judging, you won't miss again your favorite TV soap.

Con:You don't know when the work ends and when the family time starts: You are cooking lunch, sorting out the kdis, doing laundry, all at the same time while you're preparing a report, sending emails and calling your boss. It's like you are an octopus who had 8 redbulls for breakfast.

ProYour desk it's close to the bed: If you want to take a quick nap, the desk is at the perfect distance of the bed. Sometimes we need to rest a few minutes our beautiful eyes to be more productive.

ConYour desk it's TOO close to the bed: But sometimes those naps extend to a LONG and SWEET dream and then when you wake up at 7pm, your praying that nobody wrote you on Skype.


ProYou only need Internet to do your magic: his is the best part of working at home, because you can make your home wherever you want! While you have your laptop and Internet you can travel around the world or definitely move to another country! full

Con:Start a morning without Internet is your worst nightmare: It's 7am at the morning, you wake up and there is no Internet!!! You panic and start thinking on which coffe shops near home have Intenet. This is easy to resolved in a normal week, but if this happens in a national holiday when almost all the shops are closed, you can say Goodbye to your productive day.

At the end, we could conclude that the perfect space for working are both. It is nice to have an office but is also awesome to have the option of staying at home some days. So it's like a fifty-fifty thing as it is always nice having the freedom of choose.

And what about yourself? Do you prefer working from home or at the office? Let us know your thoughts on the Facebook comments!