Meet our Hubii products and services!

Hi! Welcome to Hubii, today we want to start explaining you a little bit more about what we are and what we do! Thus you will be available to enjoy our products and services as better suits you!

First of all you need to know that Hubii is a Norwegian startup, focused in the News Discovery Service for the B2C/B2B market. We offer you the easiest way to discover the latest news, trends and publications around the world.

We have publications from 215 countries in 80 different languages, being the best option to be always informed about what you care in any place. For that, Hubii offers you local and hyperlocal news, services like “Top Stories”, “Trends” and “Latest News”. Furthermore, it has language filters and 8 news categories.

Hubii is available on:

Website with a responsive design for a better user experience. The Hubii web allows you a faster search of news or trends, showing you thousands of sources that are talking about it. Also, if you don't want to search for news, you can have a pleasant time reading the latest news, top stories or trends of any location on the world, and share with your friends on your favorite Social Media.

Apps Hubii is not only for your computer, you can also enjoy the news on your phone, available for Android and Firefox OS for FREE. The apps have all the benefits of the web, here it is Hubii’s Android video intro for more details:

Panasonic Smart TV App FFirefox OS and Panasonic were a unique opportunity for us to create a new and great app for searching news at the same time that our users are enjoying their daily TV Show. Here we leave you an example of how the news notifications works when you're watching TV.


API Service You can create your own product and service by using our API. Right now, several partners over the world are already using it to bring different solutions to their users. You'll be able to get the most out of Hubii by making use of the latest news, trends, top stories and search news by topic for any country or town of your interest. Also, we have an efficient filtering system by languages and topics, in order to give to you the news that you want.


Squizard Service Furthermore, we have an extremely powerful parser content that offers you the possibility to extract article's content and images by passing the URL. A great way to get a clean view of an article in order to build a better web or app experience.


If you want more information about what we do and how you can be part of our projects. Please, contact us at info[@]