Hubii; an overview of the latest events

This post has been waiting for way too long but finally we got to write it!

Since we reached 1M monthly users a few weeks back and considering many changes we have done internally to our product and company strategy we believe that is it a good opportunity to start telling our community more about the company and what our focus is going to be through 2016.

Hubii started as a pure B2C idea and product; we wanted to build a News Discovery Service in the form of a location-based news aggregator. After validating our hypothesis we were able to gauge how relevant was the idea given the current circumstances of both the online news industry and also the increase in consumption of both news and mobile technologies.

It was at the beginning of 2015 when we engaged with new partners opening our platform to empower them to build their own products on top of Hubii.

After liaising with high profile partners over the last 9-12 months we saw an exciting opportunity in the B2B area. That made us spend the last quarter of 2015 working closer with our advisers re-defining our offering and also speaking with key partners to validate our new strategy.

In following posts we will discuss more in detail some of the partnerships we have in place and how those are shaping our most immediate future but, today we would like to announce that Hubii is currently shifting from a purely B2C product to the B2C/B2B market.

There is an interesting road ahead and we can’t wait to start making things happen!